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Westcon Group Opens New Logistics and Integration Center

For more than 25 years, Comstor has provided the market's most advanced logistics and Integration operations.  Facilities deliver broad-based stock, integration, and assembly activities for both vendors and customers.  Services such as full lifecycle and reverse logistics for managed services and broad-based deployments are core elements of Westcon's offerings -- addressing significant market gaps in delivery of new services.  

The facility is located near major airport, trucking and logistics hubs, including:  Indianapolis International Airport, FedEx Express, and CSX Intermodal. Customers benefit from the highest levels of service via enhanced product availability and reduced ship times at a key North American logistics hub.

Taking this one step further, the Indianapolis location will feature Enhanced Warehouse Management (EMW) capabilities and centralized managed inventory -- with a significantly larger system integration space.  

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For more information on Comstor/Westcon Group’s Logistics and Integration Center go to www.westcongroup.com and learn more.

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