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Comstor Partner Project Services: Greater Profits, Lower Costs

Challenged by the prospect of taking on a project that was going to push its logistical resources to the limit, Presidio had to determine its best course of action. Among the challenges were how to manage dozens of pallets of Cisco gear destined for more than 80 sites -- with no local warehousing capacity. Then there were the issues of detailed labeling, complex site bundling and pre-programming.

Recognizing it needed a partner capable of providing such logistical support, Presidio looked to Comstor, a leading distributor of Cisco networking, collaboration, and data center solutions. Access this video to learn how Presidio and Comstor leveraged this partnership to deliver a successful outcome.  

For more information on how you can partner with Comstor to unleash the power of Cisco Solutions, please contact us at 1-800-COMSTOR (266-7867) or visit our website at www.us.comstor.com 

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Doing Business With Comstor

What are the advantages to doing business with Comstor?  Listen to what Comstor partners have to say...

For more information about Comstor go to http://us.comstor.com/content/contact

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