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Comstor Partner Project Services: Greater Profits, Lower Costs

Challenged by the prospect of taking on a project that was going to push its logistical resources to the limit, Presidio had to determine its best course of action. Among the challenges were how to manage dozens of pallets of Cisco gear destined for more than 80 sites -- with no local warehousing capacity. Then there were the issues of detailed labeling, complex site bundling and pre-programming.

Recognizing it needed a partner capable of providing such logistical support, Presidio looked to Comstor, a leading distributor of Cisco networking, collaboration, and data center solutions. Access this video to learn how Presidio and Comstor leveraged this partnership to deliver a successful outcome.  

For more information on how you can partner with Comstor to unleash the power of Cisco Solutions, please contact us at 1-800-COMSTOR (266-7867) or visit our website at www.us.comstor.com 

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Federal Cloud Opportunities for FY14

In this podcast, watch Larry Allen, CEO of Allen Federal Business Partners and Comstor’s principal Federal Consultant, as he discusses where Cloud sits in government today, where agencies are headed and how Comstor partners can capitalize on new opportunity in the cloud.

For more information on this Federal podcast series contact the Comstor Federal Team at federalsales@comstor.com or 800.955.9590 

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Federal Partner Services Training

In this podcast, watch Larry Allen, CEO of Allen Federal and Federal Consultant to Comstor as he discusses Federal Initiatives for FY14 how technology is playing a vital role in agency budgets.  

In addition, Steve Rodgers, Comstor Services BDM will discuss how Comstor can help partners increase federal revenue, maximize productivity and reduce human error with Cisco Services.

For more information on this Federal podcast series contact the Comstor Federal Team at federalsales@comstor.com or 800.955.9590

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Service Provider P1 E-Rate Opportunity with Comstor HCS

The federal government is spending $2B in E-Rate this year. P1 E-Rate funding requests are expected to exceed the federal budget allocation. This change in E-Rate funding provides an enormous benefit for Service Providers.

Watch this podcast on Service Provider P1 E-Rate Opportunity with Comstor HCS, as Andy Campbell, Cisco BDM, Public Sector will discuss "P1 Erate and Collaboration" and Joe Barnas, collab9, Director of Channels will discuss "Delivery P1 Erate and Collaboration"

For more information on the podcast post Email cloud@comstor.com.

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HCS-New Revenue Stream for Cisco Partners

Learn how HCS empowers channel partners to develop significant new revenue streams based on cloud-based collaboration technology from Cisco.  

Watch this podcast as Comstor and collab9 discuss the benefits of HCS; including how HCS can enhance the channel partner business valuation and offer a full Cisco collaboration solution in one model all with attractive margins.

For more information about this podcast post contact Matt Karst, Westcon/Comstor, Senior Director, Cloud Computing for Comstor at matt.karst@westcon.com or cloud@comstor.com

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Comstor Click Program

Click is an easy to use, on-demand application designed to help resellers like you capture more SMARTnet renewal opportunities. When you register for Click, you'll be automatically alerted of all upcoming renewal opportunities 90 days before expiry. You can then use Click to generate and distribute branded quotes via email. Each quote will be validated with a Cisco quote number prior to being sent.

Once a quote is distributed, a customer can contact you directly to place their order. If you don't get a response to your initial quote, Click will continue to alert you of the pending renewal opportunity every 30 days. You can also arrange for Comstor to assist with follow-up by registering for CustomerClick.

Watch this introduction video on the power of "Click" and visit the Click Program website to learn more:

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Doing Business With Comstor

What are the advantages to doing business with Comstor?  Listen to what Comstor partners have to say...

For more information about Comstor go to http://us.comstor.com/content/contact

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Federal IT Spending Priorities For FY"14

Federal IT Spending Priorities For FY"14, Watch Larry Allen, Allen Federal Business Partners, In this second podcast recording on the federal space. 

Larry will talk about the top areas of spending in FY"14, including Cyber Security, Cloud, _ as-A-Service, Mobile Tech and Data Center Consolidation.

This is a new podcast directory on everything Comstor. Subscribe to the Comstor Podcast Feed and get updates on everything Comstor.

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Transforming Your Business to Cloud With Comstor

Transforming Your Business to Cloud With Comstor, in this podcast Matt Karst, Senior Director for Cloud Solutions for Comstor, will discuss a brief overview of Westcon/Comstor, the Cloud strategy alignment with Cisco, our value add focus for helping resellers to offer Cisco powered cloud services, also the Peak laaS solution - powered by Cisco and the next steps to business transformation.

This podcast will also feature John Drake, Director for Channel Development for Peak, will talk about how Comstor and Peek Cloud technology can help transform your business and create profit margin.

For more information about this podcast post contact Matt Karst, Westcon/Comstor, Senior Director, cloud Computing for Comstor at matt.karst@westcon.com or cloud@comstor.com or John Drake, Director of Channel Development, Peak at john.drake@poweredbypeak.com

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