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Comstor/Cisco: "The Value of the ComMent Event"

The most recent Comstor ComMent Event that was held in June of 2013, featuring Comstor, Cisco and other peer executives, was an exclusive networking event for Comstor Mentor Partners that included discussions around best practices and increasing revenue and profit with Cisco.

In this video/podcast watch the feedback from Comstor and Cisco executives and other peer executives as they talk about the value of having a event like ComMent. 

For more information about the Comstor/Cisco ComMent event or future events. Please contact Bill Maroney, Comstor Senior Marketing Manager, at 303 222-4763 or bill.maroney@comstor.com.

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Comstor Academy Introduction

At Comstor, we collaborate with the top training companies in the industry to bring you the largest variety of available dates & locations across learning partners within our Course Finder.

Reseller partners, can now quickly view, compare and purchase training in one place! And, best of all, we strive to meet or beat any competitive pricing -- so get on the road to building your business one class at a time with Comstor Academy today.

Watch Jessica Allman, Comstor Training Manager, discuss the value of Comstor Academy.

For more information about Comstor Academy contact Jessica Allman at 877-528-6888 academy@comstor.com
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Federal Cyber Security Opportunities For FY14

Federal Cyber Security Opportunities For FY14, Watch Larry Allen, Allen Federal Business Partners, In this first of series of podcast recordings on the federal space. 

This is a new podcast directory on everything Comstor. Subscribe to the Comstor Podcast Feed and get updates on everything Comstor.

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